Saturday, November 5, 2016

Say Yes to the Dress and Rock the Reception

Show some self-care and take a personal day here and there. You stay in your pajamas all day, eat whatever you want, and watch marathon episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Treat yoself! Relish in the moment! Live your best life!

I could not believe my luck when I met Rachel. Her wedding was to be featured on Say Yes to the Dress and Rock the Reception on TLC. Rachel had searched and searched for the perfect hair stylist for her wedding. She had to be camera ready while maintaining her bridal glow.

Enter Primp!

The wedding took place in sound studios in Brooklyn, between movie sets and movie stars. I had a blast with Rachel and her party, hung around through the reception to make sure everyone stayed picture perfect, and got to be a part of some of my guiltiest pleasure shows!

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