Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I like to make the bridal party share a feeling, like they go together, without trying to replicate the exact style on each person. A simple braid is a great way to tie the party together, but allow each woman to celebrate her individual style and beauty.

Hey, Chickadee!

I literally kept my braid in for 4 days until I felt like I had to take it out for my conscience -- and as I was in the bathroom doing so, my bridesmaid texted me saying "I am still at work with my braid in -- is that gross?" haha
Everything you did for us turned out AMAZING. I felt like the prettiest bride ever. :)
I don't have any 'official' photos yet -- but I just fb stalked you so you can see what is up there for now. And, when I get real photos I will be sure to send those along, too.
Hope you enjoyed the rest of summer -- it is legit fall weather now, but I am secretly happy to be chilling out in sweatpants. We went to Hawaii and it was the most fun everrr. But, alas, now I am back to the South Bronx for work -- quite the opposite...
xox Lindsay

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