Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Lindsay came all the way from London to NYC for her destination wedding. She mentioned a piece of jewelry getting caught in her hair during a hug. On your wedding day, you will be hugging and dancing and kissing and enjoying everything that is happening. Sometimes little snags happen, but I style hair to last all day! And I'll leave you with some bobby pins just in case. 


OMG how rude am I?!! I have totally been meaning to email you for the past 3 weks and for one reason or another I keep forgetting. So here goes...

Seriously, thank you SO SO much for the wonderful wedding hair service that you provided for my wedding party. We had such a blast. Even my Mum has said she wants to write to you and thank you. Bless her! We were all so pleased with everything and thoroughly enjoyed our morning of pampering. I seriously wouldn't have changed a thing. All of our hair lasted the whole day, oh except one of my friends hugged me and got her watch caught in my hair, that kinda "loosened" things a little. No drama though.

I wish we could do the whole day over, it was such fun.

It was so nice meeting you and maybe our paths will cross again :-)

Have a great wedding season.

All the best,

Lindsay (now Duckham!)

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